How To Grow Your Branding On Pinterest

  • By chaneujin8
  • 10 Mar, 2016

By Using Viraltag

If you are thinking of making a splash entrance & presence for your brand on Pinterest, we recommend using Viraltag.

Viraltag allows you download a widget tool integrated with your browser. As you surf the web and if you come across any interesting images pertaining to your brand or interests, you have the option to use the Viraltag widget on your browser to schedule & pin images for an entire week schedule or more.

 The automation of pinning scheduled pins through Viraltag, will save you time in managing your pins throughout the week. In addition to the great features such scheduling pins, you can also edit these pins on the fly as you schedule them by inserting html links assigned to each pin. These links can be redirected to your site or any landing page for a call-to-action.

Doing so will score you extra points in SEO for your blog or webpage. As we all know that inbound links are essential in ranking you well on search engines. Links from Pinterest are considered to be PR 9 worthy. If you work consistently with Viraltag, you can consistently build worthy PR 9 inbound links from the authoritative Pinterest.

 While scheduling pins, Viraltag will allows you to assign each pin to any of the boards you may have created.  We were mystified by Pinterest in the beginning and didn’t know where to start. Viraltag helped bridge our needs in building pins throughout the week and eventually helped us build a good considerable amount of followers. Not bad for a start.

 It’s been already a week and we have seen the results unfold. If we continue consistently, I think we can be successful with building a good presence on Pinterest.

You can Sign up for their FREE DEMO . You’ll have 14 day trial period to evaluate and try out how easy it is to schedule & repin images curated for your brand.

 Viraltag also provides search tools within their dashboard allowing you to search for curated content relevant to the product or services you are promoting. We recommend downloading the Viraltag browser extension. With a Chrome browser, you can search for images on Pinterest or any webpage and use the Viraltag browser extension to conveniently schedule your images in bulk or in cue for pinning. You can also select which boards for each image to pin coupled with scheduling its preferred time and day.

 The power of Viraltag will allow you to auto-schedule 36 pins or more per day. In order to perform this feat manually, it will take someone several hours per day. But with Viraltag, scheduling 36 pins or more a day shouldn’t take more than 1 hour per day. If you were doing it manually, it may take considerably several hours per day.

Viraltag saves you time and convenience. Their dashboard also provides user reports & analytics on how your pins are performing. It’s designed to provide you better insight of how people are engaging with your pins. This intelligence provides Viraltag users the best times to schedule pins.

Generous App Blog

By chaneujin8 30 Jun, 2016
Most firms saw mobile coming, but failed to see the velocity. Time spent on smartphones now exceeds desktop, and accounts for more than half of time spent with all digital media. Site traffic, search volume, click-through rates, email opens and, notably, ad expenditures, all confirm that this year is (again) the year of mobile.

By chaneujin8 06 Jun, 2016


That’s how much monthly website traffic we had to our website three months ago.

20 visitors a day may sound encouraging if you’re starting a personal project, but when your goal is to build a successful business with a team counting on you…

Well, you’re probably screwed.

And if we continued at that pace, we would’ve been. So what did we do?

After a few minutes of panic, we got down to reality, and started experimenting with any possible source of traffic to our website. A lot of it failed (in fact, most did).

But some of them worked.

A few worked well enough to get us from 554 visitors/mo to 25,500+ visitors/mo (5,000 percent+ increase) in just three months.

And this is what we’re here to share with you today.

By chaneujin8 18 Mar, 2016
The difference between a beginner Internet marketer and a proficient one is, on the one hand, in experience, and on the other hand, in the tools they use. And while experience can only be obtained through continuous work and study of the market, tools are what you can get right now. Here are some with which you should start.

5. Phrase Builder

Phrase Builder   may look a bit ugly, but it is truly indispensable when you need a plenty of related keyword ideas and don’t have time to think them up ‘manually’. You simply define certain input criteria, and the tool will generate the list of keywords and phrases.

6. UberSuggest

UberSuggest   is one of the most popular tools used by PPC marketers, and for a good reason. In many respects, it is similar to other suggestion tools, but there are a few differences, such as foreign language support and a lot of small details that add up to better and more flexible functionality.

7. Five Second Test

It is often said that what a user sees within five seconds after visiting your site defines whether he is going to stay or leave.   Five Second Test   allows you to check how much your website is attuned to this idea: it shows you what the visitor sees, what he is likely to miss and what he is likely to remember.

Using these tools won’t turn you into a pro in a blink of an eye, but it will certainly increase your effectiveness as an online marketer – and quickly!

Read Full Article To Find Out The Top 4

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