Concierge App

Concierge App

Hotel Privilege v 2.0
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Branded Mobile App, Multi Language, Password Security & Location Services
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Identify your new breed of luxury customers. They are young, middle-aged to semi-retired, technologically savvy, slinging smartphones & mobile tablets. In this evolving digital age, consumers or guests expect more convenience, options and flexible control via their fingertips.

More than 80 percent of hotel guests now travel with their mobile devices (smartphones & tablets). Extend your hotel hospitality & services by linking into the mobile devices of your loyal guests through a Branded Mobile App made available on the popular Apple iOS & Google Android .

Custom designed to serve your discerning guests with added privacy, enhanced accuracy and convenience in service requests.

Reduce bottleneck and waiting cues in demand for hotel services. Free up more staff or personnel therefore allowing them to attend to other awaiting guests.

Enhance the overall operating efficiency of your hotel establishment while improving guest & customer satisfaction.

Introducing Hotel Privilege v 2.0 , the generous mobile application custom designed for the distinguished hotel & residences. Allow your guests to access services onsite, off-property or in-room via their mobile devices.

 Remote Control For On-Demand Guest Services

Concierge & Guest Services

  • Wake-up call with SMS confirmation ensuring wake-up request.
  • Housekeeping requests with SMS confirmation.
  • Request luggage pick-up with SMS confirmation.
  • Promote new onsite services, amenities, in-room items & hotel merchandise with minimal printing costs.
  • Open table or restaurant reservations within hotel & resort
  • Allow guests to access local weather forecast
  • Access to spa services & reservations
  • House-keeping services (e.g. requesting towels & toiletries)
  • Laundry & suit pressing services
  • Transportation services (taxi or private chauffeur)
  • Provide guests with insights on nearby restaurants & tourist attractions
  • Combine custom mobile website to facilitate easy mobile room reservations

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Launch New Products & Services With Speed 

Launch & promote new products/services with speed reducing the cost of printing materials. Drive traffic towards your new products or services with a simple Push Notification/Messaging.

Departed Guests Services   

As the mobile app remains in your guests' mobile devices, Hotel Privilege v 2.0 can continue to boost revenues by continuing to market to departed guests via opt-in Push Notifications or Messaging.

Drive traffic by announcing your upcoming promotional vacation packages, honeymoon specials or special events with simple Push Messaging or Notification technology.
Overall Benefits

Reduce budgets on printed materials while enhancing the hotel's image towards green initiatives. Elevate your Hotel's exceptional service offerings and extend its reach to your guests through unique innovative technology. Finally, establish a unique comparative edge against your competition.

 What Leaders In Hospitality Are Saying
  • Edward French, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer RITZ CARLTON

    " Our vision is to bring our legendary personalized service experience to our guests through their smartphones – not to replace our services with the smartphone "

  • Fritz Van Paasschen, Chief Executive Officer STARWOOD HOTELS & RESORTS

    " My mobile device now is like my remote control for life. There's no reason why that shouldn't be your portal to get to your room, ask for what you want, or anything else. "

  • Michael Dail, VP Global Brand Marketing MARRIOT INTERNATIONAL

    " Marriot Hotels' new mantra is to be both high tech and high touch. Marriott Hotels is on a journey with our guests to create and roll out traveler-inspired innovations. "

  • Bruce Hoffmeister, Chief Information Officer MARRIOT INTERNATIONAL

    " Since rolling out new mobile apps, mobile revenue was up 25% year-over-year for 2014 to 2015, and we’re expecting another large increase this year. "

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